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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Alwadifa Maroc A real crisis we are living in Morocco, the unemployment crisis with no Job Alwadifa. We overlook government statements, including shortcuts that about 9% of Moroccans are unemployed active, external sources raise the figure to 25%. Story that the concept of operating with the Moroccan regime departs from the logic a little: fact that you operate you do not Avatal, it does not matter if you operate in the olive harvest and the qualification of university degree in private law, it does not matter if you operate in the sector is not regulated or not recognized at all, not matter whether you are covered by a social or a comfortable retirement for you , What is important is that you are something! And thus the Government has made an achievement and the rate of unemployment in the logical level.

Officials talk about the possibility of not running the state to all the graduates, which numbered up to 200 thousand per year. I'm reading the same justification in the arena of dialogue and comments gates newsletter. It seems logical: the state can not be running to all, and therefore Valmtalb President of the demonstrators (ie civil service) is not logical, in another way: look for solutions other than to demonstrate.

Here it seems to me a misunderstanding of the role that "supposed" to play the state: the provision of appropriate and fair conditions for all graduates to work in the private sector, something that is closest to its current employment office.

But, unfortunately, the state is not doing a real effort to solve the problem. Graduate student from the university in his hand, leave or Master, PhD, perhaps, in his mind a lot of rhetoric (and here we return to the problem of the university system, again). Suppose that a person is and who was a student yesterday, is the day job seekers, he wanted to create his own company, the first thing that will collide with it is the bureaucracy of the Moroccan administration, asking me to complete commercial registration before 3 weeks (and of course I could get it in minutes, everyone knows the way) . In order not to continue in the series without actually criticizing the display says Sana solutions, these solutions in mind:
Whatever he may allocate the student access to materials for construction side, the establishment and conduct of companies, a legal perspective to the topic ... What is needed is to graduate students and has a prior knowledge of the private sector, but why not be a graduation project to establish a company that provides services in the area of ​​specialization? I know a lot of the owners of the evidence and that the Supreme asked about the difference between the company name and an unknown company with specific responsibility. Another thing: the results of the university system killing the spirit of initiative and work on the student, why not revive that spirit and to encourage the exploitation of opportunities in the private sector?
Investment, money simplest words, I do not know not to spend around 7000 MAD in order to establish the company and by! Not to mention the story of the capital and headquarters and a lot of obstacles. Reduction of administrative procedures to a minimum (Did hear about the Canadian experience in the establishment of the company, through a window and a single, and within minutes?), Reducing the amount of money required for the establishment of (pain heard of many countries, some advanced and some of the developing world, allow the establishment of companies for free?) and exemption from taxation real at first, solutions will certainly help provide job opportunities abound.
Why does not guarantee the state of each owner of a graduate degree, the possibility of getting a loan without interest and without time limits? Sufficient sum of money to invest or at least enter into a vortex, to return it later in the event of the success of his project, getting a job or any other way.
The State must provide the right conditions and to ensure the entry of any commercial activity desired by the senior graduates, when we say that the state is unable to provide jobs for all, this does not mean it is not responsible for the deteriorating situation experienced by the private sector. Some even had the opportunity to work in a private company rejected, do not accept non-civil service, is justified, of course:
The first justification that the public sector "safer". Previously read a book about the rise of Malaysia and that the Mahathir was keen to be the privileges enjoyed by the private sector greater than those in the public sector. The result was amazing. It seems we are far from following stage what is required in Morocco is the equality between the private and public, in another way: social insurance, one pension system and one, the law of a single operator, privileges one social (different bank interest between the two sectors, Bank Holidays and periods of work varying ...) . The State dissolve the differences between sectors, and work to transform the argument of the "public security" for part of the past history of Morocco.
While ensuring the public sector employees a salary for life the holders of the private sector Mtogson the likelihood of arbitrary expulsion or absence of the rule of law, was not unexpected bankruptcy of the company. The judicial system to be neutral and above all his power, the citizen was partly his confidence in the judicial system ..
Sometimes I think: Why not be the public sector fixed-term contracts, the maximum duration of any contract from the Prime Minister to guard attached to the administrative 10 years, then required the employee to cross test the efficiency and capabilities of a professional to keep his job Alwadifa, or move to higher office, or to dispense with his services invaluable ! We have a lot of ghost employees, as well as employees who do not do any serious work, others dropped their professional competence, what they have learned the seventies P is not valid for our time, and finally most of the staff dropping out of learning once you get the job! He told me a friend returning from Japan that all staff are obliged to two hours each week at the university, in order to preserve the gains and kept up to keep the developments of the times.

Before entering into the rest of the details, all you said above, not fattening nor avail against hunger if government officials did not give a good image for the public service, and if they did not apply the law!
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