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Friday, February 3, 2012


Alwadifa Problematic youth employment in the Maghreb region today and one of the most important challenges, and the support of governments and elements of civil society, both public and private sector in front of the inability of the entire find entrances to provide opportunities for the number compatible with the number of graduates on the one hand and the applicants for the job market without qualification, which assumes that a elements of economic success, which they describe, it remains incomplete as long as the side of the young people do not find an entry point for the life of the operation of any of life that ensures dignity and prosperity of the individual and open it, and therefore the rates of development which is commendable as it measures the economic reality is growing as it reflects a failure to achieve one of the the most important development goals and objectives.

We can hardly argue today is that youth employment Alwadifa is a real problem in all countries of the Maghreb. Therefore we can say that youth employment is a priority decision makers, regardless of the nature of the results achieved in this particular field and regardless of how the efficacy of public policy or not, but is striking that countries with the resources considered in the oil and gas are facing more difficulties than other youth employment and to help them find jobs to ensure their dignity and income

Has worsened the situation of operating in the Maghreb in the second half of the eighties, either because of structural reform policies or because of the collapse of oil prices from ten to forty dollars. Starting from this date fell just employment opportunities and has become the countries of the Maghreb have a problem beyond their means and reveal the extent to which decreased the ability of policy development to find solutions adapted to the needs of society on the one hand and the expectations of groups of young of up to about 50 percent of the total population on the other hand, which emphasizes energy as an important working in the process of setting priorities for the future in this region of the Maghreb.

The problem of operating and operating unit if that the rates of young people compared to General Census of the population ratios are important, which is on the increase and not in reverse. The number of graduates from universities and higher institutes, and courses of vocational training different in the case of the increase without the attendant - a source of problems - a clear commitment by the public sector and without operating the process to show the private sector in order to nourish the overall effort in strengthening.

This is one of the most difficult and complex problems in the Maghreb, even if not analyzed enough despite the importance of hand, and in spite of their direct community balance, harmony and good distribution of yield development on the other. Vchgal young people is not an easy issue can be dealt with in a short time or to devise solutions that are rapidly

It's a question you need to structural short-range strategies and other long-term in a spirit of complementarity and synergy between them to create a new environment and find an appropriate ground to help develop solutions needed by young people in the countries of the Maghreb.

In Morocco, the employment problem in Morocco Alwadifa Maroc is among the most important challenges facing the new government, which will have serious consequences for the social stability of Morocco that is not handled the problem as soon as possible.
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